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Some first impressions from watching Mami.

Yuu transforming into Mami.

-I see a lot of Sakura in Yuu/Mami. They're energetic, active, and fearless. They're still very different characters -- Sakura is more relentlessly cheerful, Yuu has more of a temper -- but I can already see the influence Mami had on future series.

Yuu smiling adorably with wide eyes.

-Toshio is a little more lively than some Magical Girl love interests. He's pretty much a dork, which is cute. "C-R-E-A-M-Y! CREAMY!"

-I am excited to consome one of the original "I love him but he loves my secret identity!" storylines.

-As well as one of the chief reluctant magical girls!

Yuu holding up her magic wand, eyes closed in concentration, sitting in her pajamas.

-This is also the first magical idol series I've watched. I'm a little confused if the idea is supposed to be that the wand provided a song for Mami to sing with the talent she already had, or if it gave Mami all of her talent.

-I'm really enjoying Yuu's parents! It's nice to see Yuu's mother getting a reasonable amount of screen time, and the affection between her parents -- and of her parents for Yuu -- is palpable. Yuu's dad's hair is so 80s. I dig it.

-I love that Yuu came up with the name Creamy Mami because Creamy is the name of her parents crepe shop. ADORABLE.

-I'm enjoying the magical animal sidekicks constantly bickering too.

-In episode 2 when she transforms she draws out a music note! I hope this shows up again. It's cute.

Yuu leaving a sparkly trail with her magic wand as she starts her transformation.

-Tachibana is such a creep. Such. a. creep. I hate how easily brushed off the fact that he KIDNAPPED HER in episode 3 is.

-Speaking of creepiness: SO MANY PANTY SHOTS. Like, if I thought the panty shots in Sailor Moon were gratuitous, they have nothing on Mami. This was especially distracting in the first episode, and especially problematic given that Yuu is ten years old. Definitely some sexualization of young girls going on here, and it's enough to impact my enjoyment. I'm liking the series overall, but this is definitely an element that is bringing me down.

-Not so unusual for magical girl series, but I think there's also some binarism going on. "Boys are like this, girls are like this." Bleh.

-But I'm definitely enjoying the nuances in Yuu's character and don't regret watching. Overall I'd say the characterization is strong, but needs less panty shots for the love of god.

-The classic art style is also pretty delightful. Very cute, graceful, and delicate.

Mami in profile, smiling, eyes closed.
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